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About Independent Study

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Upon successful enrollment at Elk Grove Charter, each student will be assigned an Independent Study Teacher. The Elk Grove Charter School teachers are fully-credentialed and act as liaisons between the school and the family. The independent study teacher’s main goal is to serve each student’s educational needs to the best of her or his ability.
Independent Study Teachers are responsible for:
  • Ensuring that each of their assigned students is registered in and is continuously attending required subject workshops.
  • Completing required documentation and records for each student.
  • Advising and counseling students and parents/guardians about the student’s educational needs, responsibilities, and requirements.
  • Communicating school information to parents/guardians and students
  • Communicating information from parents/guardians and students to school administrative staff.
  • Keeping current with school policy and procedures, state and district standards and benchmarks, and educational methodologies and techniques.
  • Evaluating student progress and assigning grades for semester report cards.
  • Meeting weekly for a minimum of 60 minutes with each student.
  • Providing direct instruction and assessments in assigned coursework.
  • Ensuring each student participates in California state mandated assessments.
  • Ensuring every student abides by the academic code of conduct (Appendix 3).
  • Communicating with the workshop teachers as needed.
If at any time you have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact your student's ISP Teacher.


 email     Adair, Karla     916-714-1653 x51033
 email     Breakfield, James     916-714-1653 x51032
 email     Brown, Beau     916-714-1653 x51025
 email     Burt, Josh     916-714-1653 x51039
 email     Conway, Alli     916-714-1653
 email     Gallacher, Marcella     916-714-1653 x51026
 email     Goodbrake, Carol     916-714-1653 x51024
 email     Kim, Chin Son     916-714-1653 x51020
 email     Maghoney, Katy     916-714-1653 x51027
 email     Pernetti, Robert     916-714-1653 x51024
 email     Pontes, Victoria      916-714-1653
 email     Salerno, Tim     916-714-1653 x51030
 email     Wade, Melissa     916-714-1653 x51022