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Work Experience

Job Search/Work Permits

Download the work permit application here



The Work Experience program encourages students to secure employment while still in high school. It can help the student develop job skills, good attitudes, and experience. In addition, students are assisted in becoming productive, responsible workers through supervised, part-time, paid employment, not necessarily related to their occupational goals, as part of their total school program. Students participate in weekly classroom training designed to contribute to their career guidance and to further prepare them for future employment opportunities.
Please keep the following points in mind regarding Work Experience.
1.Students must be at least 15 years old.
2.Students must obtain and maintain their own jobs – the school will not assist students in obtaining jobs.
3.The amount of credit earned will vary with the amount of hours spent on the job.
4.Students can earn a maximum of 10 credits per semester, and a total of 40 credits in their high school career.
5.A student may not be enrolled as a school aide and in work experience at the same time during the school year.
6.Newspaper delivery, newspaper solicitation, telephone solicitation, sign waiving, domestic housework, lawn and yard work, or self-employment and wages paid-in-cash DO NOT qualify for work experience credit.
7.Prior to enrolling in Work Experience, students must be employed and obtain a work permit from the Elk Grove Charter School.
8.Students must have a current GPA above 2.0 to obtain a work permit.
9.Students with three or more truancies within a school year may have their work permit revoked. Employers will be notified of the revocation of the work permit.
10.Students in the D/F list may have their work permit revoked.
11.Students earning a GPA below 2.0 will have their work permit revoked at the end of the grading period.
12.The Work Experience classroom instructor will take attendance, issue credits, and report to the student’s ISP Teacher.
13.To receive Work Experience credit, students will complete written assignments provided by their ISP Teacher.
14.Independent Study/ Work experience instructor will contact employer periodically for student workplace updates.


Found a job? If you're under 18, or if you wish to earn work experience credit, you'll need a work permit. Download the fill out the application linked below. Completed requests may be submitted to the front office. Work permits will typically be processed by the end of the day after they are submitted.
Work Permit Application