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2023-2024 School Year Enrollment


We will be accepting new registrations for the 2023-24 school year beginning Monday, March 20, 2023

To receive the most up to date information for enrollment for the new school year please fill out this form: 

STEP 1: Bring the following documents with your registration form to the front office:
- EGUSD Registration Form (CLICK HERE to download and print the EGCS Enrollment Packet)
-Immunization Records (including the 6th TDAP shot)
-Birth Certificate*
-Proof of Address (SMUD or PG&E Bill)*

We suggest bringing the following documents for class scheduling purposes:
-Transcript (9th-12th grade)
-Report Card (7th-8th grade)
-IEP or 504 plan (if applicable)
 STEP 2: Onboarding Appointments will be scheduled beginning of summer 2023
Please have the best contact information available for Onboarding Appointment Scheduling
*Not applicable for individuals protected by the McKinney-Vento Act
** Please note: if we are at capacity for your grade level, the student will be added to the next lottery drawing after attending the onboarding appointment. Lottery drawings are held at pre-scheduled Advisory Council Meetings. 


California Education Code dictates enrollment practices of charter schools within the state of California. Pursuant to education code 47605 (2)(B), when and the pupil population of EGCS reaches capacity new students enrollment will be determined by random public drawing (see below):
47605. (B) If the number of pupils who wish to attend the charter school exceeds the school's capacity, attendance, except for existing pupils of the charter school, shall be determined by a public random drawing. Preference shall be extended to pupils currently attending the charter school and pupils who reside in the district except as provided for in Section 47614.5. Other preferences may be permitted by the chartering authority on an individual school basis and only if consistent with the law.
The most common scenario for the implementation of the enrollment lottery at EGCS is for enrollment requests for grades 7-8. Due to staffing and facility limitations, each grade level has a limit of 20 students. Once the school reaches capacity, students’ names will be placed in the school’s lottery to be held once a month during Governance meetings. Names will be drawn at random and students will be enrolled once space becomes available. Parent/guardians will be asked to attend an orientation upon enrollment request, but before the lottery is held. Names will not be placed in the lottery until the orientation has been attended. If you have any questions feel free to contact EGCS administration at (916) 714-1653.