Congratulations and thank you for choosing EGCS as an education alternative for your student. EGCS has a long standing track record of success at assisting students and families in reaching their education goals. However, learning to navigate the specific delivery model at EGCS requires a concerted effort and possibly a change in practices at home. The following illustrates a weekly parent/guardian and student meeting format that has proven to be successful.  
Your student needs your help every week to complete their homework. Your first action as a parent/guardian is to eliminate the phrase “how are you doing on your school work”. The majority of students will respond affirmatively regardless of the truthfulness of the statement. We have seen success from parents/guardians who change the phrase to “let me see your homework”. You will find this will result in more actionable information, and less frustration. However, it may be difficult at first and I suggest having a conversation with your student about your change in phraseology.   
Successful student and parent/guardian teams schedule the following 3 weekly meetings. Over time, you will be able to reduce or eliminate the meetings, but in the beginning, they are necessary.  

 Beginning of the week meeting (30 min – 1 hr.)
o Schedule after the weekly ISP meeting (same day)
o Review what happened during the weekly ISP meeting  
o Review weekly assignment with course specific assignments
o Plan weekly study schedule
o Review any communication from the school or information from the Synergy gradebook
Mid-week meeting (15 min – 30 min.)
o Use the phrase “let me see your homework”
o Assess time management effectiveness
o Check for understanding and lend help on the curriculum
o Review any communication from the school or information from the Synergy gradebook
Night before the weekly ISP meeting (1 hour minimum)
o Review completed work o Check for understanding (verbally quiz your student)
o Assist in organizing work to be turned in (staple, place in folders and backpacks)
o Review any communication from the school or information from the Synergy gradebook
As you implement this simple meeting schedule, you will see success in your student’s academics, increased confidence, less stress, and a greater appreciation for the learning process.  

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